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The Ransom family was among the first settlers in the Americas in the late 1600s, and spent most of the first 13 generations in the northeastern US.  But with the opportunity of the Oklahoma Land Rush, they couldn’t resist to head south and stake their claim.  

Growing up in northwest Oklahoma just after the “dust bowl”, Bob Ransom learned the important connection between the land and animals, and that it takes time to get the balance just right. He learned about pasture management and growing crops, and developed a passion for selectin high-quality livestock that would grow, reproduce quickly, and then raise offspring that demand a premium at market. 


Bob bought his first Dorper ewe in 2005 and began to learn the qualities of Dorpers that made them the fastest growing breed of sheep in the world over the last several years. In 2010, his son Justin purchased his first dorper ewe from Riverwood Farms with the goal of building a superior genetics program. 

In 2018, RR Dorpers expanded to two locations. The first in Wichita Falls, Texas which is operated by Bob and Sherry; and the other in West Fork, Arkansas, operated by Justin and Jennifer, and their daughter Adelaide. Both locations aim to continue to collectively improve the breed by offering functional sheep that work for producers of all sizes, and further the popularity of the breed. 

If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right



At RR Dorpers, we know what it takes to raise a healthy flock, and we continue to learn. We started in 2005 with one ewe, and now we are well on our way to our goal of owning a quality flock of 100 full-blood ewes and raising over 200 lambs per year (assuming three drops within two years). Our flock genetics are strong because we started with and continue to improve upon the best genetics in the US, and then more recently imported some of the best genetics from Australia to keep building on the foundation of the breed. We use embryo transfer and AI to maximize the potential of the best genetics of our champion-quality sheep so we can make our flock better every year.  

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Coming originally from cattle, we understand the importance of animals’ functionality, and the cost of not getting the fundamentals right from the start. Dorpers are one of the most hardy breeds of sheep that can grow well in the harshest environments from the cold/wet northeast to the hot/dry southwest. Naturally, Dorpers don’t have to be sheared, they are more disease and parasite resistant, and they can reproduce every eight months (three drops in two years). This functionality is what drew Bob to his first ewe in 2005, and why we continue to further the breed today. It’s like we always say, if something is worth doing, like raising Dorper sheep, it is worth doing right. 

Our Legacy


We want to be competitive in the show ring, showcasing our flock in every national sale. But our main objective is to further the Dorper breed popularity throughout commercial producers, both big and small. We want our legacy to be an impactful one based on faith, family, and leadership. We aim to do this by investing our time and talents into meaningful relationships with people – in our community, agriculture, the food industry, and the environment – in ways that develop leaders who will feed the world for generations to come.

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