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RR Dorpers was formed when Bob Ransom purchased 5 aged-ewes that came second-hand from Keith Kugler’s flock one of the original importers of Australian genetics. All of those ewes stayed productive on the place well over 10 years of age


A more formal introduction to the great people and sheep in the Dorper breed on the national scene happened at Riverwood Farms, when Bob sent Justin down from Chicago to buy in their aged ewe dispersal.  We bought 7 aged ewes and one of the most prolific rams in the breed BRF 2909, who has more than 200 lambs registered under his pedigree.


The grandkids started showing sheep at the county fair and in the youth show at Fort Worth.



Justin officially became the second R in RR Dorpers, when he purchased the high selling fall ewe RF 5399 from Riverwood, and then went on to purchase the Champion ewe at Sedalia from Ron Gunther of TA Dorpers.


Ethan Horton, Bob and Sherry’s grandson had the Champion ewe at the youth show at the National Show in Fort Worth.  Later that year we went and bought a Powell Ranch [1426] ram by Rifleman that we named Gunner.  Gunner went on to sire many good ones, but we sold him prematurely because we were afraid he was throwing too much white – hindsight is always 20/20!



People started taking notice of our stock.  Although RR Dorpers 366 wasn’t the champion at the MidAmerica Show and Sale, he was the high seller at $5500


Justin and Jennifer decided to take a 6-week sabbatical to tour Australia and New Zealand and get on some sheep stations, where they grew their appreciation for some of the original genetics and their view of sustainable sheep production.  The next year they acquired embryos and semen from the top studs in Australia.  

Bob raised the Champion Ewe (RR 546) at Mid-America that sold to Riverwood Farms for $9700. 

IMG_1287 copy.JPG


A big year for RR Dorpers, as Justin and Jennifer started a 2nd location in Northwest Arkansas.

Plus a big day in the winners circle for RR Dorpers with the National Champion ram, a result of the embryo import program.  Plus they had the Reserve National Champion ewe with one Bob raised the prefix on five generations.


We look forward to continuing our story in the Dorper business for years to come!

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